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    • Thumb image for Out of the Park: The Physics of BaseballResource Type: Website / HyperLink

      Out of the Park: The Physics of Baseball

      Grades: 8 to 12
      Subjects: Physics
      At UC Berkeley, a team of undergrads is experimenting with velocity, force, and aerodynamics. But you won't find them in a lab--...
      Contributor: KQED
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    • Thumb image for Alexander Calder, a Master of BalanceResource Type: Website / HyperLink

      Alexander Calder, a Master of Balance

      Grades: 5 to 8
      Subjects: Visual Arts, Physics, Science
      In this lesson, from ARTSEDGE, students learn about the function and form of levers. They study parts of the lever and understan...
      Contributor: Thinkfinity
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