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    • Thumb image for Interpreting Proportional RelationshipsResource Type: Website / HyperLink

      Interpreting Proportional Relationships

      Grades: 6 to 12
      Subjects: Rates and Proportions, Professional Development, Number Sense
      This series of activities allows students to experiment to discover proportional relationships This activity has three objective...
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    • Thumb image for Mathline Activity III -- Pairwise ComparisonsResource Type: Website / HyperLink

      Mathline Activity III -- Pairwise Comparisons

      Grades: 6 to 12
      Subjects: Life Sciences, Current Science, Education, Child Development & Family Services, Behavior and Communication and 10 additional..
      Mock-election demonstrating the pairwise comparison method of decision making, whereby each candidate is compared to another and...
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    • Thumb image for Triangle AreaResource Type: Website / HyperLink

      Triangle Area

      Grades: 6 to 12
      Subjects: Measurement & Tools, Mathematics, Angles & Pythagorean Theorem, Measurement & Geometry and 5 additional..
      This lesson is designed to introduce students to calculating the area of right triangles. This lesson provides links to discussi...
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