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    • Thumb image for Mathematics Common Core Unpacked: Grade FiveResource Type: Document

      Mathematics Common Core Unpacked: Grade Five

      Grades: TK/K to 6
      Subjects: Mathematics, Professional Development
      This document provides descriptions and examples of what each Mathematics Common Core standard means a Grade Five student will k...
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    • Thumb image for Vector Voyage!Resource Type: Website / HyperLink

      Vector Voyage!

      Grades: TK/K to 9
      Subjects: Mathematics, Measurement & Tools, Disease, Disorders and Human Health, Professional Development and 5 additional..
      In this activity, students will use vector analysis to understand the concept of dead reckoning. Students will use vectors to pl...
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    • Thumb image for Find It!Resource Type: Website / HyperLink

      Find It!

      Grades: TK/K to 6
      Subjects: Technology, Measurement & Tools, Professional Development, Earth & Space Science and 4 additional..
      In this activity students will learn the basic concept of Global Positioning Systems (GPS) using triangulation and measurement o...
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