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    • Thumb image for Line Up!Resource Type: Website / HyperLink

      Line Up!

      Grades: 6 to 8
      Subjects: Addition & Subtraction, Algebra & Functions, Mathematics, Measurement, Tools, and Data Analysis, Measurement & Geometry
      In this Figure This! activity, reviewed for grades 6-8 by Illuminations, students are asked to figure out how long they d have t...
      Contributor: Thinkfinity
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    • Thumb image for Quick LandscapingResource Type: Website / HyperLink

      Quick Landscaping

      Grades: 6
      Subjects: Algebra & Functions, Rates and Proportions, Mathematics, Measurement & Geometry, Area & Volume
      Math TV Word Problem. (Area and proportional reasoning). How long will it take Jamie to mow a square lawn if we know the time it...
      Contributor: CTAP Region 4
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