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      The Secondary Literacy Partnership (SLP) is a partnership of organizations with unique strengths and constituencies. We are united in our support for improving the literacy of secondary students. To accomplish this, we engage in joint collaborative activities to build the capacity of secondary educators to implement effective literacy instruction across content areas.

      Join us online for our 2016-17 Webinar series, Literacy for College and Career Readiness in the 21st Century. The first three webinars are:

      • September 28, Grappling with Text—Helping Secondary Teachers Support Deeper reading in the Content Areas. Register at http://bit.ly/2cGMo9y
      • October 19, Universal Design for Learning; Planning Instruction for ALL Students. Register at http://bit.ly/2cZOgul .
      • November 16, The Building Educator Assessment Literacy Project – Using Performance Tasks to Understand the Teaching and Learning Implications of Rigorous College and Career Ready Standards. Register at http://bit.ly/SLP-11-6-16.

      All Webinars are from 3:30-4:45.

      Webinars from the 2015–16 webinar series Building Capacity and the California Standards: Teaching and Leading Excellence are archived and available for your use in personal and professional learning.See below for specific topics:

      • October 14, ELA/ELD Implementation (click here for the archived presentation).
      • November 18, Bridging Assessment, Standards & Instruction (click here for the archived presentation).
      • January 20, Smarter Balanced Tools/Digital Library (click here for the archived presentation).
      • February 10, Multi-Tiered Systems of Support (click here for the archived presentation).
      • March 2, Leadership in Literacy (click here for the archived presentation).

      Use this link http://www.mydigitalchalkboard.org/go/groups/SLP to share this page with your colleagues  and access the SLP resources to inform your professional learning conversations. For additional tips on how to use the archives for professional learning, visit the How to Use Webinars page on WestEd's SchoolsMovingUp.

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