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      California History-Social Science Course Models


      The History-Social Science Course Models project started in 1999 to provide K-12 teachers with three things:

      1. An easy way to implement the State of California's History/Social Science Standards in the classroom;

      2. A means for California's teachers to share ideas, documents, lesson plans, student materials and personal experiences on topic related to history/social science; and

      3. A means for teachers to collaborate and participate in the ongoing development of the site.

      The course models that appeared on this site were a resource designed to assist teachers in implementing the State Board of Education adopted History-Social Science Content Standards and Framework.

      Course models represented a step between the subject matter outlined in the standards and framework and classroom lesson plans and provided guidance to districts as local standards in history-social science. The models suggest substantive resources and instructional strategies to be used in conjunction with State Board of Education adopted print and non-print instructional resources. They serve as examples of activities from which teachers can design lessons to suit the varied needs and interests of their students. Teachers will need to prioritize topics and develop activities carefully, gauging the time necessary to convey essential learnings to students and provide unit and course coverage as well as opportunities for depth studies, activities, or projects.