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    Welcome to California MTSS

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    Scope and Sequence

    Training 1
    2 Consecutive Facilitated Days

    Foundations of MTSS
    Training 2
    1 Facilitated Day/1 Working Day

    Structuring Your MTSS
    Training 3
    1 Facilitated Day/1 Working Day

    Engineering Your MTSS
    Training 4
    1 Facilitated Day/1 Working Day

    Advancing Your MTSS
    Foundations of MTSS is about understanding why and how MTSS is to be implemented and sustained throughout the State, Region, County, District and School.
    * CA MTSS Framework
    * What is your Why?
    * TA Practices
    * Design
    * Teaming
    * Coaching
    * LEA Self-Assessment
    * Fidelity Integrity Assessment
    Structuring Your MTSS is about data-based conversations to identify priorities and steps needed to achieve sustainable transformation.
    * Priorities/Practices
    * Data
    * Resources
    Engineering Your MTSS is a review of tools to help schools and districts identify available resources, set clear rules for when to provide additional support, and deliver equitable resources and support when needed.
    * Trifecta
    Advancing Your MTSS is about ensuring attention to the coaching and facilitation that will continue to advance efforts and formatively assess progress to inform next steps.
    * Work Day
    * COPs


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