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      Elementary Cradle to Career Taskforce

      Collection of resources to support the cradle to career initiative that all students ready by third grade
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      • Jan 19 2015 1:21 PM

        Conference Call Jan 23rd 4:40 // Michele Lenertz

        Thank you for your help and support for the Cradle to Career task force  This is a reminder to join our meeting this Friday Jan 23 at 4:30 via conference call 

        Please call 


        access code is  392367

        If you have not yet joined the digital chalkboard please take this time to create an account and join at 
        The digital chalkboard is our hosting spot to collect items to support teachers, administrators and parents in helping to ensure our students are on track during their elementary school years.  We are hoping that each member can take 10 minutes to post three resources that help support our community before our conference call on Friday. 
        If you need help with the digital chalkboard please call Jennifer Poe at 909.386.2681
        Thank you for helping the students of our county.


      • Dec 12 2014 11:10 AM

        Group Membership // Michele Lenertz

        Good Morning,
        Thank you for your interest in helping develop a list of resources to support the Cradle to Career initiative from San Bernardino Superintendent of Schools. Michelle and I realize that schedules are very busy and attending in person meetings will not be possible. We have created a group on the Digital Chalkboard to allow us to post resources for everyone to view.  We are asking that everyone add 3 to 4 resources that support, parents, school districts and community members in ensuring all students are on track emotional, physically and academically through elementary school.  Our goal is to create a resource bank to direct community members to.  Michelle Wavering and I are still learning the Digital Chalkboard features ourselves, but will be happy to help anyway possible.  Our next conference call will be Jan 23rd at 4:30.  Please help us gather resources to add to our site before then.  Also if you know someone else that would help quest to support our students please let me know.  
        If you need assistance please call me Michele Lenertz at 909.386.2623
        Curriculum Coordinator PreK-6 Mathematics
        San Bernardino County Superintendent of Schools
        601 North E Street
        San Bernardino, CA 92415
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