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      Beyond Penguins and Polar Bears (NSDL Collection)

      Beyond Penguins and Polar Bears is an online professional development magazine for elementary teachers which focuses on preparing teachers to teach polar science concepts to K-5 classrooms.

      Twenty monthly issues are planned, each of which will include standards-based science across five departments. Materials are chosen specifically to help teachers understand and to explain the role of the polar regions in the global ecosystem

      Content contained within the resource:

      Archive Stories for Students Browse Columns Podcasts Standards Web Seminars Print On Demand Contributors Email Updates Search Check out our issues below Beyond Penguins and Polar Bears Thematic Issues A Sense of Place Learning From the Polar Past Polar Patterns: Day, Night, and Seasons Weather and Climate: From Home to the Poles Water, Ice, and Snow Rocks and Minerals Energy and the Polar Environment Polar Festivals Earth's Changing Surface Polar Mammals Arctic and Antarctic Birds Polar Plants Tundra: Life in the Polar Extremes Polar Oceans Icebergs and Glaciers Peoples of the Arctic Keeping Warm Polar Explorers Science at the Poles Climate Change and the Polar Regions Terms of Use Funded by NSF About Contact

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