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      Modoc County After School Program (SEALS)

      The main focus of the SEALS Afterschool program is to provide a SAFE environment where the participants have FUN and feel COMFORTABLE.

      We also want to provide an environment that ENRICHES children by providing them with new experiences. We also strive to provide kids with a homework time, where they can get extra help and get their homework done at the program. 

      The components of the program are designed to provide youth with the opportunity to: 

      1. Stay in a safe environment with positive adult role models during the after school hours. 
      2. Socialize with their peers in a healthy manner. 
      3. Receive assistance with homework. 
      4. Engage in enriching activities that may otherwise not be available during school hours. 
      5. Learn sportsmanship and fair play as they participate in recreational activities. 
      6. Learn how to engage in a healthy lifestyle through prevention activities. 
      7. Become actively involved in their community. 

      Our program is constantly changing. After School Program offerings and activities may be modified at any time to best suit the needs of our students.  With the above paradigm and guidelines, we believe, together, we will continue to provide a quality afterschool program.

      Visit the Modoc County Afterschool Programs website.

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