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      Your School as a Technology Center

      This group shares ideas about turning your school into a technology center

      These days, schools need to become more efficient, sustainable, and connected. They need to act a little more like corporations to satisfy their stakeholders: the government, parents, students, teachers, and tax-payers. They need to be "technology centers."

      One of the most informative ways schools can become a technology center is to develop a documentation system. Rather than disparate pieces of paper floating around – which become obsolete quickly - a documentation system enables educators to create content that can be re-used in various modes, and that stays current with current demands. The term for this is “single-sourcing.”An example of “write once, publish many times” is typing your daily announcement into a file, and then outputting it to a web page, a mobile phone, and a word-processing file for printing.

      This presentation will guide you through the tools and processes you use to set up a single-source documentation system. For help creating your school documentation system, contact efaden1@gmail.com.

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