The Hook

Math Content: Linear Change
Instructional Strategies: Hands-on activity, Cooperative Learning, Questioning

Ms. England's Biosketch: Ana England is a bilingual English/Spanish teacher with 27 years experience. She is currently teaching mathematics at Lakeview Middle School in Watsonville.

Classroom Setting: There are 59 8th graders enrolled in Ms. England's second and third periods of Math 8. With 36 males and 23 females, 55 of the students are Latino, 3 are Caucasan, and 1 is Asian American. Twenty of the students are English Learners, and 3 are RSP.

School Setting: Lakeview Middle School enrolls approximately 918 students of diverse ethnicity in grades 6-8. It is located in the Pajaro Valley Unified School District in Santa Cruz County, California. The school is a low-performing, low-socioeconomic public school with a strong parent support base.


Lesson Plan Summary: Ms. England's lesson is focused on a rich problem solving activity involving the concept of linear change. She utilizes a variety of instructional strategies, including the use of manipulatives, as well as a combination of collaborative group work, whole class discussions, individual work, and student presentations. The purpose of her lesson is to help students understand the meaning of slope and y-intercept and to practice writing equations of lines. She also encourages students' creativity and develops their presentation skills through their poster presentations. She assesses students' knowledge with an analytic rubric.