The Race Track

Like most creative lesson plans, the preparation of materials is pretty time-consuming. Let's see what Ms. Barney had to put together for this lesson.

First, Ms. Barney created a very long racetrack from a roll of butcher paper. She marked the track so that she could quickly move the penguin and monkey bookmarks along the track.

Ms. Barney also created large post-it notes for the definitions and formula for distance, speed, and time.

By positioning the racetrack near the top of her blackboard, Ms. Barney was able to continue to utilize the blackboard to model problem set-up. This will become critical as she moves through the lesson.

  • Materials:
    • Monkey and Penguin (or other) clip-on bookmarks,
    • Butcher paper, and
    • Large post-it notes.
  • Preparation:
    • Cut and marked racetrack from butcher paper;
    • Taped racetrack near top of blackboard; and
    • Wrote definitions and formula on post-its.