Ms. Garcia-Anderson's Lesson: X- and Y-Intercepts

Instructional Strategies: SDAIE strategies

Ms. Garcia-Anderson's lesson was part of a week-long unit on graphing linear equations in two variables: intercepts of lines. Let's meet the teacher.

Ms. Garcia-Anderson's Biosketch
Patricia Garcia-Anderson has been an elementary, middle and a high school mathematics teacher for over eleven years. She has taught GATE students, both in elementary and middle school. Ms. Garcia-Anderson has worked with Bilingual students for eleven years, most currently at La Paz Middle School as an Algebra 1 teacher and Math Resource Teacher.

Ms. Garcia-Anderson grew up as a second language learner and migrant student of low social economic status from a farm worker family. In addition to living in the barrio, she also struggled with learning disabilities. As she phrases it, "my students are a reflection of me, therefore I can relate to them and they can relate to me."

Ms. Garcia-Anderson summarizes her life as a teacher and learner as follows: "If you look at the statistics on Latinos in education, the results are bleak. If I had internalized the negativity of some of my teachers, then I would be one of the Latinos who just did not make it. students photoSo, why did I make it? I made it because of my parents' love and support and my desire to be become the teacher I wish I always had but never did."

Advice to new teachers: "Remember that students will rise to the level of expectations. Therefore, teach them to be proud of their heritage, and be the teacher you wished you always had while you were in school. Then you will see greatness flourish!"

Classroom Setting
Ms. Garcia-Anderson's Algebra 1 class of 36 eighth grade students includes five students who are English Learners (Sheltered English) and 31 who are Fluent English Proficient; many are considered mainstream LEPs. 32 are Latino, two are African-American, one is Asian, and one is Caucasian.



School Setting
La Paz Middle School is located in the Salinas Union High School District. The school enrolls 1234 7th and 8th grade students, 74% of which are Latino. A traditional calendar, emphasis on families, and looping of teacher assignments have led to increased student achievement.

Lesson Plan Summary
This lesson is part of a week-long unit on graphing linear equations in two variables. The following are discussion she includes in her lesson:

  • Finding ordered pairs for an equation y = mx + b, making a table, and graphing;
  • Graphing linear equations using intercepts, how to find y-intercepts, and how to find x-intercepts; and
  • Graphing linear equations that are horizontal and vertical lines.

In this specific lesson, she focuses on how to find the y-intercept. Ms. Garcia-Anderson's lesson on intercepts of lines utilizes five SDAIE strategies, including Modeling, Bridging, Contextualization, Metacognitive Development, and Text Re-presentation.