In this module, you will be focusing on the mathematical content of intercepts of lines.

The motivating CAHSEE release question for this module is the following:

What is the y-intercept of the line 2x – 3y = 12?

A. (0, –4)

B. (0, –3)

C. (2, 0)

D. (6, 0)

As you progress through this module, you will deepen your content knowledge on intercepts of lines and develop instructional strategies that assist students in mastering these kinds of problems.

California Mathematics Content standards addressed in this question include:

Algebra (8th)

6.0. Students graph a linear equation and compute the x- and y- intercepts (e.g., graph 2x + 6y = 4). They are also able to sketch the region defined by linear inequality (e.g., they sketch the region defined by 2x + 6y < 4).


In Module 3.2 Intercepts of Lines, you will:

  • deepen your understanding of mathematical concepts in Algebra, including
    • Find x- and y-intercepts given a linear equation in the form Ax + By = C; and
    • Use the x- and y-intercepts to graph a line
  • focus on several instructional strategies including
    • use of Cornell notes;
    • analyzing student data to determine lesson quality; and
    • solving the problem to the point of answering the question posed