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In module 1.2 we will consider how to use order of operations involving fractions in the lesson, Operating on Fractions.

This module focuses on the following CAHSEE released test question:

11/12 - (1/3 + 1/4) =

A. 1/3

B. 3/4

C. 5/6

D. 9/5

This type of question is answered correctly by only 40% of students who take the CAHSEE. As you progress through this module, you will deepen your content knowledge on order of operations with fractions and develop instructional strategies that assist students in mastering these kinds of problems.

California Mathematics Content standards addressed in this question include:

Number Sense (7th) 1.2 Add, subtract, multiply, and divide rational numbers (integers, fractions, and terminating decimals) and take positive rational numbers to whole-number powers.

Algebra and Functions (7th) 1.2 Use the correct order of operations to evaluate algebraic expressions such as 3(2x + 5).


In Module 1.2: Operating on Fractions, you will:

  • deepen your understanding of mathematical concepts in Algebra, including equivalent fractions, lowest common denominator, order of operations, and complex two-step problems involving fractions and order of operations.
  • explore strategies for supporting and engaging English learners, including emphasizing the natural ways in which mathematics and what goes on in mathematics classrooms are advantageous to ELs, increasing comprehensible input increasing student interactions; and increasing thinking skills.
  • focus on new instructional and assessment strategies that make effective use of student whiteboards in the classroom through managing student whiteboard use, using progress-monitoring strategies and reteaching as necessary, and establishing ways for students to record important information.