3. Respond by Adding a Little More

Expansion of the child's utterances is a basic tool in language facilitation. The adult repeats what the child says and then expands the utterance with one or two new words. This allows the child to contrast her utterance with the adult's expansion and also hear the next level of difficulty for language production.

For example, if the child say's "ball", the adult says "ball, big ball." This reinforces the child's talking, gives her the support for the next level of complexity and provides new information.

This segment provides specific examples of how to respond by adding a little more and summarizes the three things parents can do.

Remember that there are three simple things you can do to help your child talk more and use new words:

C omment and Wait

  • This dog has a funny hat!
  • I like bananas!
  • What happened here?

A sk Questions and Wait

  • Tell me about this picture.
  • What's she doing?
  • Why did she fall down?

R espond by Adding a Little More

  • Child: Boy eating!
  • Adult: This boy is eating toast.

  • Child: Owee
  • Adult: The baby has an owee.

All you have to remember is C A R

And don't forget to wait---Count to 5. Give your child time to respond.