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Talking and Books teaches adults how to use language facilitation strategies when looking at picture books with young children. The strategies are easy to learn, and very effective for promoting language development and early literacy. While viewing short video segments of parents reading with their children, you will learn the important and necessary skills of helping develop your child's languge. Talking and Books has been made available by Washington Learning Systems (


This module is developed for parents and those who are working directly with young children. So if you are interested to know how to read with your child in a way that supports their language development, these simple strategies and techniques are for you!


Participants in this module will be introduced to the following elements to help support children in their language development:

  1. Introduction to Talking and Books
  2. Foundations of Communicating
  3. Talking About Books
  4. Comment and Wait
  5. Ask Questions and Wait
  6. Respond by Adding a Little More
  7. Summary and Conclusion

How to Take this Unit

Participants in this module will be engaged in the above strategies by:

  1. Viewing short video segments that model ways to read with your child.
  2. Reading information and references about the strategies.

Unit Duration

If you are individually engaging in this module, you may likely spend from 30 minutes to 1 hour. If you are facilitating this module for others, you may likely spend 1 to 3 hours with these resources.