Graphic Organizers

Graphic Organizers

Graphic organizers are effective tools for helping EL students organize the information they are learning and their own thinking on a topic.

Using graphic organizers in the classroom can help EL's to understand abstract thinking by presenting material in a more concrete form. Students also use graphic organizers to store and recall information that has already been learned, and understand how concepts are related to each other.

Graphic organizers can be utilized in any subject and grade level and come in multiple forms that allow for a variety of student uses.

In this video Tina is introducing the graphic organizer to the students and showing them how it will help them organize their thinking. It's important that she discusses with students how to use the organizer before expecting them to fill it in as required.

In the next video Tina is modeling for students how to fill in the graphic organizer. Notice how she elicits student responses to her questions so that filling in the chart is a group effort.

Good to know! Research shows that graphic organizers increase comprehension of complex academic language by presenting them in an engaging, authentic, and linguistically contextualized setting.