ELD Classroom Observation

Now that you've observed and learned 4 EL strategies from Ms. Durazo's classroom, you can begin to put these practices in place in your own classroom. With the support of a ELD resource teacher, coach or administrator, you can begin the collaborative process of improving your own teaching via a classroom observation.

The ELD Observation Form included below is a tool designed to facilitate classroom observations during ELD instruction. It may be used by ELD resource teachers, peer coaches, or site administrators for non-evaluative classroom visits. One of these persons should work with you to help plan your instruction prior to a lesson, and to assist you in incorporating one or more of the EL strategies from this module.

Click here to download the ELD Observation Form
(Form developed by Rhonda Forysth, EL Dept. -MCOE)


Below you can access Threaded Discussion for this module to discuss which of the strategies learned here appeal to you and the needs of the students you support, and any other instructional ideas that you have found useful in your work.


  • Jun 3 2015 10:57 AM

    Multi-Level Response // Melissa Pedigo

    Author: Julie Van Roekel
    Subject: Multi-Level Response

    My current teaching assignment is an alternative, home school program. I do not have any EL students, but the multi-level response strategies are very effective with my K-1 students. I meet with my students weekly and assess them on what they have studied at home over the previous week. At the beginning of the year, the answers I would receive were very basic. As we have moved forward through the school year, they have learned to better show their understanding with more specific, in-depth responses. Since we are only about half way through the year, I am very excited to see how their responses evolve even more.