So here we are with Ms. Durazo's first graders...
and already they have been introduced to the concept of ordinal numbers through explicit instruction with academic vocabulary and choral response. Now we will see how she quickly transitions to an entirely new instructional strategy to further reinforce their understanding by the use of realia.

What Is Realia and Why Does It Work?

Relia is any real, concrete object used in the classroom to create connections that helps build vocabulary and background knowledge. Using realia is more effective than simply describing vocabulary, because a child can use all of their senses in the learning process.

Let's Watch the Activity...
Ms. Durazo uses realia in providing students a great example how the vocabulary of ordinal numbers is used in a daily process common to all of her students!

Pssssst! ...hey, did you also notice that Ms. Durazo uses the Early Production/Speech Emergent suggestion of eliciting full sentences from her students through choral response which was also seen in previous segments. We'll learn more about this in the Multi-Level Response strategy on the next page.

This teacher provides us with another look at how to use realia in your classroom. Notice how she has the students also practice the motion of mopping while she is teaching the target vocabulary. This kinesthetic involvement helps students remember vocabulary and better understand the concept being taught.