Regional Migrant Education Program Coordination

California's State Migrant Education Office administers program services in collaboration with 23 regional offices statewide. Sandra Kofford is the Director of the Region 6 Migrant Education Program office and is responsible for administering  support to migrant students and families in 13 school districts in Imperial County including Heber. Migrant Education Program Directors and staff members statewide work very closely at the site level with schools and districts to provide services to migrant students and families.

Herber Overview

In the clip below, Sandra introduces her role, provides an overview of the Heber Elementary School District, and shares how the goals and objectives of the District are known among all members of the learning community.

Parents Connected

In the next clip, Sandra explains how the District Service Agreement provides a clear picture for parents to understand what their children need to be successful in Heber.

Hard Work Paying Off

In the clip below, Sandra shares how the ongoing efforts among all members of the learning community have contributed to the success of students.

On the next page, Sandra explains more about the working relationship between the Regional Migrant Education Program and a local district such as Heber.