Comprehensive Support for Migrant Students Page 2

Developing a District Service Agreement

The District Service Agreement between the local district and the Regional Migrant Education Program details the plan of support for migrant students and families. The District Service Agreement is a detailed plan for the design, delivery and evaluation of services and the costs associated with those services. The development of a comprehensive plan with measurable outcomes is fundamental to the success of a program providing services.

In the clip below, you'll hear Julie talk about the process of identifying a District Service Agreement and the relationship she maintains with her Regional Migrant Education Program office.

Certificated Staff in Migrant Before, After and Saturday School Programs

The use of certificated staff is a key component of the Heber's before, after and Saturday school programs. These staff members provide a seamless learning opportunity for students by having knowledge of the curriculum and teacher expectations for each student.

In the clip below, Julie talks about the extended day programs and explains how the use of certificated staff benefits the students in their academic achievement.

Meeting Needs of Newcomer Students

Heber provides newcomer students with a class dedicated to meet their language development and academic needs. In the next clip, Julie describes the choices the district makes in providing appropriate instructional materials and strategies for supporting the newcomer student.

Implementing Response to Intervention

Response to Intervention (RtI)  includes a combination of high quality, culturally and linguistically responsive instruction; assessment; and evidence-based intervention.  RtI's implementation in Heber has contributed to meaningful identification of learning needs among all students and has improved instruction to provide students with the best opportunities to succeed in school.

In the clip below, Julie shares the success of implementing RtI in the district to support the needs of all students.

On the next pages, you'll meet Sandra Kofford, Region 11 Migrant Education Regional Director. Sandra will describe her role in supporting districts in her Region including Heber.