MESRP Parent Education

In school-based programs such as the one seen on the previous page, parents and children attend classes together at the school or center site. Classes for parents may include English as a second language, parent and child interactive literacy, parenting skills, early childhood education, and kindergarten readiness skills. In the examples below, the children attend Dahlia Guzman's class while the parents attend a class taught by PVUSD Migrant Adult Education teacher Jose Morelos.

Building Vocabulary and Meaning

In the clip below, you'll see parents of the preschool students in an adult education classroom located next door learning concepts and vocabulary to increase their abilities and understandings of their work experience. Notice how Jose uses a chart and labels to support a discussion around weather and foods.

Using Sentence Starters for Language Development

In the segment below, Jose provides sentence starters to the parent to build their skills and confidence with the English language.Jose uses sentence frames on the chart to have students practice this/that and subject/verb agreement.

On the next page, you'll learn how Heber School District in Imperial County has developed a comprehensive program of support for migrant students and families.