PUPILS Tutoring Program

The PUPILS (Paraprofessional Undergraduates Providing Individual Learning Services) program in PVUSD provides college students the opportunity to work directly with migrant students at all grade levels. Through coordination with four local colleges, 20 college students work approximately 15 hours per week in a classroom under the supervision of the classroom teacher. Similar to the Mini-Corps program, PUPILS provides students the opportunity to become familiar with the classroom environment in preparation of their own pursuits to become teachers.

PUPILS Tutoring in 8th Grade Math

In the clip below, you'll see PUPILS tutor and San Jose State University student Berenice Rocha helping students at Lakeview Middle School in Watsonville. Berenice is tutoring in an 8th grade intervention Math class. Berenice walks students step-by-step through the problem solving process and uses academic vocabulary such as variable, integer, and negatives. You'll see how PUPILS Coordinator Elsa Aguilera shadows Bernenice to record her student interactions for later feedback.

Pupils Post-lesson Reflection

In the next clip, Berenice and Elsa discuss the lesson and how well the lesson objectives were met. Notice how Elsa's questions help Berenice better understand the lesson elements and the students' needs.

Next, you'll see how the Migrant Education School Readiness Program (MESRP) provides services to preschool-aged children and their parents.