California Mini-Corps Program

The California Mini-Corps Program provides tutoring to migrant students to give them the academic and social support they need to succeed in their course work  and encourage their participation in school. The tutors often come from a migrant family background and are full-time college students who also are pursuing teaching credentials. Mini-Corps tutors work with migratory students during the school year and summer school as role models to strengthen the relationships among students, teachers, family members, and members of the community. Classroom tutors provide direct support and clarification to the core instructional lesson.

Mini-Corps Tutor in a 3rd Grade Classroom

In the clips below, 3rd grade teacher Linda Escober teaches her students prefixes and suffixes. Linda has students discuss their ideas before answering the question, giving them a chance to practice language while the Mini-Corps tutor checks for understanding. Notice how Nancy, the Mini-Corps tutor, is able to provide students with additional language and lesson content to clarify their understanding of the activity.

Small Group Support in a Third Grade Classroom

In the next clip, you see the same Mini-Corps tutor working with a small group of students on an activity to understand the process of ordering and comparing fractions and decimals. Notice how her prompting helps students makes choices for the best answers possible. This small group support occurs simultaneous to small group work for the other classroom students.

Small Group Support in a 5th Grade Classroom

In the clip below, you'll see how 5th Grade teacher Arturo Camacho engages his migrant students while they are provided additional language and content support by Mini-Corps tutor Daniella.

<p>On the next page, you'll see an example of tutor support from the PUPILS program in the Pajaro Valley Unified School District.