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In this module, you will see examples of how collaborations and partnerships with Migrant Education Program contractors such as Mini-Corps and Migrant Education School Readiness Program (MESRP) create a comprehensive system of support for migrant students. This module also provides examples of the collaboration between a District and a Regional Migrant Education Program office through the development of a District Service Agreement.


This module is developed for those who are working directly with migrant students and English learners to provide examples of program collaboration and partnerships in support of migrant students.


Participants accessing this module will see examples of collaboration and partnerships that include: 


  1. Mini-Corps and PUPILS (Paraprofessional Undergraduates Providing Individual Learning Services) college tutors providing support to migrant students.
  2. Migrant Education School Readiness Program (MESRP) support of preschool aged children and parents to increase language, literacy and parent skills.
  3. Coordination of efforts between a District and the Regional Migrant Education Program office.
  4. Reflections from a Director of a Regional Migrant Education Program on coordinating District services.

How to Take this Unit

Participants accessing this module will demonstrate their understanding of classroom instruction complimentary support by:

  • engaging in and viewing the video-based examples;
  • developing and sharing their own ideas for classroom instruction complimentary support using the online discussion forums.

Unit Duration

This module should take approximately 2 hours to complete if navigated independently or up to 5 hours when guided by a facilitator (2 hours to review video case studies, 2 hours to complete activities as identified by a facilitator, and 1 hour for facilitator guided follow-up).