Migrant Saturday School Program

The Migrant Saturday School Program operates from 8:00am-12:00noon for students in Grades 4-8. Saturday School provides additional intensive support for students on extra-curricular and regular day activities. Similar to the Migrant Before School and After School Programs, the certificated Saturday School teacher meets with the other regular day teachers throughout the year to plan and prepare for the students. And yes, the students are motivated to attend Saturday School!

Migrant Saturday School Overview

In this clip, Migrant Saturday School teacher Susana Moyron introduces herself and talks about the Saturday School Program. Susana is busy during the regular day teaching 7th grade English/Language Arts, History, Physical Education and the AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination) class.

Migrant Saturday School Individual Student Support

In the next clip, Susana assists one student on sentence structure while others are working independently. Susana has the students use highlighters to help them remember the words that are the focus of the lesson.

Migrant Saturday School Whole Group Support

In the clip below, Susana teaches to the entire group of students about test-taking strategies. Notice how she uses partner pair share to allow students to practice their own language use, and the use of whiteboards to check for understanding.

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