Migrant After School Program: Heber Elementary

Many of the Migrant students at Heber Elementary are involved in extra-curricular activities including the State Speech and Debate Tournament. These students use their time during the Migrant After School Program to work on those activities. Others use the time to complete homework assignments, complete computer-based activities or choose free reading time.

Grades 4-6 Migrant After School Program

In the clip below, 6th grade teacher Lisset Samaniego helps a student  with synonyms and antonyms. Lisset also helps students working on the computers by providing assistance with the math activities. You'll briefly see 7th grade Science teacher Juan Amaya who also works in the Migrant After School Program. Lisset helps her students understand synonyms and antonyms by highlighting and using hand signals. Notice how crucial her bilingual support is for these students.

On the next page, you will see the final layer of extended support in the Migrant Saturday School Program.