Migrant After School Program: Dogwood Elementary

The Migrant After School Program at Heber School District operates from 3:00-4:00pm and provides direct and continuous support for students. Certificated staff provide support in mixed grade level groupings. Students and teachers engage in small group activities and have access to computer programs that monitor student progress in Language Arts and Math. 

Kindergarten After School Program

In the clip below from Dogwood Elementary, Parent Liaison Ernesto DeLa Rosa who is a certificated teacher assists Kindergarten students in their unique Kindergarten Afterschool Program. You'll see how Ernesto and an aide move quickly to provide support covering various activities to these 5 and 6 year olds! Ernesto's bilingual support helps to bridge comprehension for these students that are working in both languages.

Grades 1-3 Migrant After School Program

In the next clip, 1st Grade teacher Susana Romo teaches vocabulary, comprehension and math to 1st-3rd grade students in anticipation of the upcoming California Standards Test (CST). Susana uses hand signals with the students to support their understanding of these beginning math skills.

Grades 1-3 Migrant After School Program

In the clip below, Kindergarten teacher Christina Tubbs helps 1st-3rd grade students with a range of Language Arts and Math activities while Parent Liaison Ernesto and an instructional aide assists students using the computers. Notice how Christina is using realia to support these students' understanding of math skills.

On the next page, you'll see examples of the Migrant After School Program for the Intermediate level students.