Migrant Before School Program

Heber's Migrant Before School Program invites students to attend from 7:00-8:00am to work on homework from the day before and pursue language proficiency and reading comprehension activities using numerous computer programs selected specifically for this population of English learners. Programs include those that align with adopted curriculum among others including Reading Counts and Study Island. And yes, students are happy to come to school at 7:00am!

Migrant Before School Program

In the clip below, 5th grade teacher Maricela Buenrostro provides support during the Migrant Before School Program. Notice how she's able to transition between supporting vocabulary and language proficiency activities in computer program support and direct support to students working at the desks with knowledge about what each student is working on.You'll see Parent Liaison Ernesto DeLa Rosa also assisting in the room.

It is important to have classroom support that can work at all levels with a variety of students. Maricela supports fifth grade students with math in addition to providing bilingual English-Language Arts support to a younger student working at the computer.

Helping Students with Math

In the next clip, you'll see how Maricela moves between computers and desks to provide one-on-one support to students for different math activities. The benefit of before school support is that students receive targeted intervention at their level that will accelerate their learning.

On the next page you will see how the Migrant After School Program extends the support of the regular school day.