Extending the School Day

Migrant Education services are delivered in many creative and essential ways to support the academic needs of migrant children. These opportunities for support occur apart from the regular school day yet are highly connected to the regular school day. This connection occurs through the coordination and planning of staff to support students in Before School, After School, and Saturday School opportunities for migrant children. These efforts provided a focus on the English and Language Arts and Math curriculum for Kindergarten through 8th grade students.

Heber Elementary School District employs certificated staff from their school sites to support migrant children in these extended learning programs. The use of certificated staff creates a seamless learning experience for students whereby the teachers in these programs are familiar with each students' progress and with the daily curriculum and homework assignments given to each student. As you'll see in the video clips, the program staff are able to help students with the background knowledge of the student's individual needs and progress.

The Before School, After School, and Saturday School program design allows the district to target funds directly to the needs of migrant students including the addition of books, technology resources, and other materials to support the English/Language Arts and Math curriculum.

On the following pages, you'll see examples of Heber's Before School, After School, and Saturday School programs.