Secondary Peer Coaching Pre-lesson

Secondary Peer Coaching: Abriendo Caminos

Introduction and Choosing a Thematic Unit

In this clip, PVUSD Migrant Coordinator Janet Johns talks with 7th Grade teacher Marisol Duarte about her newcomer students and ideas for coaching. As a beginning teacher, Marisol has many questions for Janet about supporting her newcomer students. This pre-lesson dialogue allows Marisol to explore multiple ideas for teaching migrant students. You'll see how they decide that planning a single lesson using cloze activities will prepare Marisol's students for a larger thematic unit to follow.

Transition from Writing in Spanish to English

In the next clip, Janet guides Marisol to begin thinking about the types of activities to choose for a themed unit. Notice how Marisol's question about writing prompts Janet to introduce strategies for helping students transition from writing in Spanish to writing in English.

Choosing Activities for a Thematic Unit

In the next clip, Janet and Marisol discuss different types of activities to engage the 7th Grade students. Notice how the conversation stays focused on culturally relevant themes that students will find engaging.

On the next page, Janet and Marisol continue their pre-lesson planning and share ideas for using learning scaffolds to support newcomer migrant students.