Elementary Peer Coaching

Pre-lesson Interview

In this first clip, PVUSD Migrant Coordinator Patricia Unruhue discusses using a cloze lesson with Migrant Teacher Barbara Gomez. Patricia talks about the strategy and learns from Barbara her experiences and questions about reading cues and the cloze strategy. PVUSD use the cloze procedure to model a variety of problem-solving reading strategies. Download their strategies summary here.

Introduction to Activity and Cloze Procedure

In the next clip, Patricia begins the lesson by using pictures from the story to create meaning. She has the students use the sentence "We see ______" which helps them get started. As Barbara observes the lesson, notice how teaching the students to self-correct  with the cloze procedure is beneficial to the students to help develop their vocabulary.

Reinforcing the Use of Cloze Activity

In the next clip, Patricia uses sentence frames to contextualize the words that students are learning. Students practice different forms of the words in the sentence frames to see which are most appropriate. She encourages the use of cognates so that students can expand their vocabulary.

On the next page, you'll see additional segments on this cloze lesson and the post-lesson reflection.