Grade Level Planning for Student Support

In the next clips you will see portions of a grade level articulation meeting. Here, the teacher team, consisting of 5th grade teachers, the principal, and the instructional coach review data, analyze assessments, identify successful instructional practices and discuss next steps for instruction. This process allows for consistency with grade level classroom instruction and alignment in focus standards and assessments. It also provides the opportunity to bring attention to the individual student needs including those of English learners and migrant children. This model of collaboration highlights how the site administrator is an involved participant in the student support conversation. The teachers in this team include teachers in the Migrant Before School and Migrant After School Program and also the Newcomers class.

Reviewing the Purpose

In this first clip, the team starts the meeting by reviewing their purpose which is to analyze and discuss the most recent third quarter data and identify next steps. They also take this opportunity to review their Response to Intervention (RtI) program and decide how instruction will be modified based on assessment results.

Focus on Standards  

Next, the team reviews their goals for the quarter on the specified standards. Teachers have an opportunity to identify the three standards where their students have performed most successfully.

Identifying Successful Instructional Practices 

In this clip, the teachers identify the instructional practices that they had been using that helped the students attain mastery of the specific standards identified. The purpose of this is so that the grade level team can continue to use the instructional practices that are working.

The teachers talk about each specific standard and how they modified their instruction. These modifications include: raising the rigor of instruction and application, a specific focus on the context, use of RtI, application of supplementary materials, and creation of power point presentations for instruction.

On the next page, you'll see the continuation of the grade level articulation meeting and the use of data to identify areas for improvement.