Unit 6: Fostering a Learning Culture as a Shared Responsibility

What this unit is about:  How can we foster a learning culture as we implement the CA ELD standards in tandem with the CA CCSS for ELA/Literacy? Teachers need to establish a learning culture for their students while working within a learning culture themselves. This means cultivating new habits-of-mind and practices, and learning to collaborate and support one another in new ways. This unit highlights principles, practices, and tools that teachers, instructional leaders, and those responsible for leading professional learning can use to continually strengthen teaching and learning as a shared responsibility.


What you’ll learn:

  • How a simple framework on fundamentals of learning can
    help foster effective classroom practices for English
  • How to engage with colleagues in deep, collegial
    conversations about teaching and learning
  • How fostering a “growth mindset” can have
    enormous, positive effects on teaching and learning
  • How quickly surveying students’ sense of academic
    efficacy and eagerness to learn can strengthen
    formative assessment practices (assessment for
    learning) and drive learning forward

How you’ll learn:

Engage: See how educators engage in collaboration, cultivate a growth mindset, and build learner-centered practices.
Learn: Delve deeper into fostering a learning culture by viewing a tutorial and reading one or more brief professional articles that offer insights and useful tools.
Apply: Apply what you learn to your current practice as teacher and learner.
Reflect and connect: Share your ideas with colleagues.
Check: Check your understandings.
Extend: Tap resources that further develop and apply your learning.