Unit 1: California’s Vision for Educating English Learners

What this unit is about: In this unit, you’ll learn about creating learning environments where English learners thrive. The California State Board of Education outlined the vision we have in California for all students:

"All California students of the 21st century will attain the highest level of academic knowledge, applied learning and performance skills to ensure fulfilling personal lives and careers and contribute to civic and economic progress in our diverse and changing democratic society.

– California State Board of Education, 2012

In order to achieve this vision for English learners, we need to continually strive to provide a world-class education that ensures they are not only college- and career-ready but also prepared to pursue their dreams and participate in the rich cultural life of our state and the global community.


What you'll learn:

  • The California vision for educating English
  • How the CA ELD Standards can help create
    rich teaching and learning environments
  • The relationship between integrated and designated ELD


How you’ll learn:

Engage: Prepare for deeper learning by seeing rich learning environments in action
Learn: View a tutorial, read an article, and hear from an expert
Apply: Use your learning to inquire into your own practice
Reflect and Connect: Engage with colleagues online or face-to-face
Check: Check your understanding