Unit 2: Implementing the CA ELD Standards in

What this unit is about: In this unit, you’ll learn about how to engage Pre-K through 2nd grade English learners in rich content instruction — with integrated ELD — while they develop academic and everyday English. You’ll also learn about how to focus more intensively on children’s language learning needs in designated ELD.


What you’ll learn:

  • How teachers can engage English learners in intellectually
    rich content while they develop English as an
    additional language
  • How teachers can use the CA ELD Standards
    in tandem with the CA CCSS for ELA/Literacy
    and other content standards
  • How the CA ELD Standards can be used for content
    instruction with integrated ELD and for designated ELD
    that builds into and from content instruction


How you’ll learn:

Engage: Prepare for deeper learning by seeing rich learning environments in action
Learn: View and read about classroom examples
Apply: Use your learning to inquire into your own practice
Reflect and Connect: Engage with colleagues online or face-to-face
Check: Check your understanding