Watch one or more videos that show learning environments where English learners thrive. Choose the video that best matches your teaching situation. As you watch, think about how English learners are engaged in meaningful interaction and developing awareness of how language works.

Dual Language Learners: Developing Literacy (Pre-K) External Link
Watch how Pre-K teacher Ms. Ngan in San Francisco, CA supports her students to develop language and literacy skills in English while she also connects with her students’ home language and culture. Download transcript


Ready to Learn: Creating a Positive Classroom Culture (Elementary School) External Link
Watch as 3rd-grade teacher Jen Saul in East Palo Alto, CA creates a positive classroom culture where her students flourish and grow. Download transcript


Seal of Biliteracy: Hoover Elementary in English (Elementary School) External Link
Watch students, teachers, parents, and principals discuss the importance of the Spanish-English bilingual program at Hoover Elementary School in Redwood City, CA.
Download transcript

Exploring Emigration: Cultural Identity (Middle School) External Link
Watch how middle school teacher Karen Daley uses examples from the film God Grew Tired of Us to help students understand the connection between culture and identity. Download transcript

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Sacramento Area Youth Speaks Summit
(Middle and High School)
External Link
Watch this video to see how Sacramento Area Youth Speaks (SAYS) — a youth literacy program that engages teachers and students both inside and outside of school — gives middle and high school students opportunities to take pride in their culture and identity through poetry and critical literacy. Download transcript

Step to College! Oakland Success Story Documented by CBS-5 (High School) External Link

See a high school program in Oakland, started by Jeff Duncan Andrade, emphasizing that "the point of education is not to escape poverty; the point of education is to END it. Download transcript

The Seal of Biliteracy: Celebrating Students of the 21st Century (High School) External Link

Watch this video to see how students, teachers, parents, and Dr. Laurie Olsen explain the importance of biliteracy for young people today. Download transcript