In the Learn section, you had the opportunity to view a tutorial and delve into one or more brief articles rich with ideas and tools for fostering a learning culture for English learners and between teachers. Now it’s time to apply these tools in your school or district context. You can start small — for example, with a single, trusted grade-level or subject-area colleague — or work with an established professional learning team.

Select one of the following application tasks to see the steps of the task:

NOTE: If you read more than one of the articles, consider using the highlighted practices and tools in combination (e.g., use the deep conversation question sets to discuss your affective inventory results; employ growth mindset messages while using the classroom practice strategies for assessment for learning, etc.)

Task Option #1: Fundamentals of Learning
Task Option #2: Leading Deep Conversations in Collaborative Inquiry Groups
Task Option #3: Mindsets and Equitable Education
Task Option #4: Assessing Students' Affect Related to Assessment for Learning

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