In Unit 1, you got to know one (or more) of your English learners a little better. Now it’s time to deepen your learning by applying what you learned in this unit to create an instructional plan.

  • Gather your grade-level CA ELD Standards, your notes on your focal student, and your notes and the examples from the ENGAGE and LEARN sections in this unit.
  • Use the Framing Questions for Lesson Planning from the vignettes you read in the LEARN phase to start planning a lesson or clusters of lessons for your students. You can also use your own lesson or unit planning tools to create a plan for instruction.
  • Keep in mind the focal student you identified in Unit 1: What additional scaffolding might your focal student need?
  • Optional and highly encouraged: Engaging in this task with one or more colleagues will result in a much richer experience. Plus, you can share the fun of planning!

Optional: Outline your initial ideas before you dig deeper into detailed planning or jot down an outline for your lesson or unit in the Reflection Journal.