Reflect and Connect

Respond in your reflection journal in the box below or discuss with your colleagues in a face-to-face or online group:

  • Which instructional practice(s) did you choose in your planning process?
  • Why did you select the instructional practice(s)?
  • How did you use the CA ELD Standards to plan for meeting the needs of your English learners, especially your focal student?
  • If you implemented your plan: What worked, what didn’t work?

Prompt your colleagues to share these details and more when they discuss their experience.


Optional: Share your ideas in one or more of the following creative ways:

  • Take a picture of something that exemplifies the experience and write a caption.  Post the picture and caption online (if your students are in the picture, be sure to obtain all the necessary permissions).
  • Make a to share your teaching tip with others. (See
  • Present about your experience at a staff meeting, conference, or other venue.
  • Post a link to one of the videos in this unit — in your community of practice or via social media — and share your reflections on why it was valuable to your teaching.

If you need a review for how to engage in online communities of practice, review the Community of Practice tutorial and materials.