Unit 2: A Closer Look at Part I: Interacting in Meaningful Ways

What this unit is about: In this unit, you’ll learn more about Part I of the CA ELD Standards: Interacting in Meaningful Ways.

While advancing along the continuum of English language development, all English learners can and should engage in intellectually challenging tasks, using language meaningfully to interpret and exchange information and ideas in three communicative modes (collaborative, interpretive, and productive):

  1. Collaborative (engagement in dialogue with others)
  2. Interpretive (comprehension and analysis of written and spoken texts)
  3. Productive (creation of oral presentations and written texts)

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What you’ll learn:

  • What interacting in meaningful ways means
    in the CA ELD Standards
  • How English learners can interact in meaningful
    ways across the disciplines in collaborative,
    interpretive, and productive ways
  • How to use the CA ELD Standards in tandem with
    the CA CCSS for ELA/Literacy

How you’ll learn:

Engage: See an example of meaningful interaction in action
Learn: Learn about the importance of meaningful interactions and scaffolding
Apply: Apply your learning to examine something familiar with a new lens
Reflect and Connect: Network with colleagues online or face-to-face
Check: Check your understanding