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Lupita Cortez-Alcalá, Deputy Superintendent of Public Instruction from the California Department of Education, welcomes you to the module and shares her own experiences attending school as an English learner.


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Hear what Dr. Thelma Meléndez de Santa Ana, Education Deputy for the Los Angeles Mayor’s Office and a former Assistant Secretary of Education for the United States Department of Education, as she remembers her experiences as an English learner growing up in California. Dr. Meléndez reminds us about the importance of the relationship between students and teachers.


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In light of the personal stories of Deputy Superintendent Alcalá and Dr. Meléndez, as well as other adults you may know who were once English learners, what are the most important ideas that you'd like to remember when you teach your own students who are English learners?




Do you have a special teacher to thank? Describe that teacher and the impact she or he had on you. Record a thank you message to the teacher, and upload it to an online community of practice or another online venue.


Discuss your reflection with your colleagues.