Reflect and Connect

Choose one or more of the prompts below and respond in your Reflection Journal OR discuss in a group, either face-to-face or online: 

  • Choose one standard from the CA ELD Standards – Part II: Learning About How English Works that you feel you do well. Explain why and give an example. Choose one standard you feel you could work to improve in your practice. Explain why and give an example of what you might do.
  • What’s similar in the CA ELD Standards to your current practice? What’s different from your current practice?
  • What are some new ideas for you about language from this unit? How is language learning addressed in this unit?
  • What are some ideas you’d like to try? How will you try them?

If you need a review for how to engage in online communities of practice, review the Community of Practice tutorial.


Join your district or county's online community of practice, or join other educators working with English learners to share ideas and resources in the California ELD Community Group.