It’s time to “unpack” your grade-level CA ELD Standards to find out what they convey about teaching and learning and how they can support your instructional planning.

  1. Download your grade-level/grade span CA ELD Standards, if you haven’t already done this.
  2. Begin examining your CA ELD Standards. Start by looking at at least three CA ELD Standards from Part I and at least three CA ELD Standards from Part II.
  3. Think about the following questions as you “unpack” the standards:
    • What do these specific standards communicate about teaching and learning for English learners?
    • What changes across proficiency levels? What stays the same?
    • What affirms what you are already doing in your instructional practice with your English learners? What’s new or different?
    • What are some opportunities you see for incorporating specific standards into your instructional practice?
  4. Record and save your notes in the reflection journal.

See the coding system for the CA ELD Standards.


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