Choose one video below that best matches your teaching situation. As you watch, pay attention to how the teacher provides instruction so English learners can interact in meaningful ways with content and with others (Part 1 of the CA ELD Standards). Keep in mind how you would provide scaffolded instruction for English learners at each proficiency level (Emerging, Expanding, and Bridging) as they interact via the three communicative modes (Collaborative, Interpretive, and Productive).

Hypothesizing about Bugs (Pre-K) External Link

Watch how Ms. Jaboneta facilitates a discussion about hypotheses with her four- and five-year-olds.
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Pumpkin Pie for Halloween: Text Discussion with Kindergarteners (Kindergarten) External Link

Watch this video to see how kindergarten teacher Ms. English uses a variety of strategies to help young English learners interpret and discuss texts.
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Single-Strategy Instruction – Asking “Wh-” Questions (1st–2nd Grade) External Link

Watch how second-grade teacher Ms. Rountree teaches her students questioning strategies. She begins with modeling and then extends instruction to small group guided reading activities and independent center work.  
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Text Talk Time (3rd–5th Grade) External Link

Watch as fifth-grade teacher Ms. Brewer facilitates a discussion of a complex informational text and encourages her students to quote accurately and pose their own questions.
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Preparing Learners: Ethos, Pathos, Logos (6th–8th Grade) External Link

Watch as middle school teacher Ms. Langlois supports her students to interact with one another to learn about pathos, logos, and ethos to support their reading and writing of arguments.
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Socratic Seminar: Supporting Claims and Counter Claims (9th–12th Grade) External Link

Watch Ms. Proctor as she describes how she structures — and how students benefit from participating in — small group discussions and debates about literature.
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Optional: After you view the video, respond to the following questions in your Reflection Journal:

  • How does the teacher promote meaningful interaction with content?
  • How does the teacher support collaborative conversations using academic language?
  • How might the teacher use the CA ELD Standards to scaffold learning for English learners at different proficiency levels?

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