Watch one of the videos below that best matches your teaching situation. As you watch, pay attention to, and take notes on, how the teacher teaches about how English works (Part II of the CA ELD Standards). Also, keep in mind how you would provide scaffolded instruction for English learners at each proficiency level (Emerging, Expanding, and Bridging) as they learn about how English works to make meaning.

Building Literacy Skills through Storytelling (Pre–K) External Link

Watch this video to see how Ms. Davis encourages her students to think of themselves as authors.
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Classroom Example of Teaching Complex Text: Butterfly (K–2nd)External Link

Watch this video to see how teachers and students deconstruct and discuss complex sentences in a kindergarten ELA/science lesson.
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Analyzing Texts: Putting Thoughts on Paper (3rd–5th) External Link

Watch this video to see how a fifth-grade teacher supports her students to express their ideas effectively in writing.
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Interacting with Complex Texts: Jigsaw Project (6th–8th) External Link

Watch this video to see how Ms. Langlois structures small group discussions so her students can discuss and collaboratively analyze persuasive speeches.
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Downloadable Tools:
Unit Plan: Persuasion Across Time and Space
Unit Handouts: Persuasion Across Time and Space
Frequently Asked Questions: Persuasion Across Time and Space
Three Ways to Persuade: Ethos, Logos, Pathos

Literacy in Physics: Reading a Primary Source (9th–12th) External Link

Watch this video to see how Ms. Banks teaches her students how to analyze a complex informational text — a scientific journal article. See how she supports her students to identify language that is challenging and to work together to understand the language better in order to make meaning.
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Downloadable Tools:
Building Bridges Teacher Module
Building Bridges Writers Notebooks
Lesson Plan Instructions for Journal Reading
Reading Self-Assessment

After you view the video, respond to the following questions in your Reflection Journal:

  • How does the teacher support English learners to understand how English works?
  • How does the teacher ensure that instruction in how English works is provided in the context of meaningful interaction with content?
  • Is there anything additional the teacher could do to scaffold learning for English learners at different English language proficiency levels?

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