Now it’s time to delve deeply into a reading selection from the CA ELD Standards suite of resources in order to learn more about how to support English learners to understand how English works to make meaning.

  1. Read about the academic language demands in the CA CCSS for ELA/Literacy and how teachers can support their students to meet them in the CA ELD Standards resource – Appendix B.
  2. As you read, mark up the text, using these guiding questions as a start:
  • What are the language demands in the CA CCSS for ELA/Literacy?
  • How can Part II of the CA ELD Standards support English learners’ development of academic language?
  • What are text-level, sentence- and clause-level, phrase-level, and word-level understandings of language?
  1. After you read, use your notes as a springboard for discussion with another colleague who engaged in the same activity.

Academic Language and its Connection to CCDD (Catalyzing Discussion Through Discussion and Debate (11:24 min.)

Hear from Harvard University’s Dr. Paola Uccelli as she discusses the difference between everyday English and academic English and describes how academic language is much more than vocabulary.

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