Now it’s time to delve deeply into a reading selection from the CA ELD Standards suite of resources in order to learn more about meaningful interaction, scaffolding, academic English, and the importance of vocabulary and discourse.


  1. Read about the importance of meaningful interactions, scaffolding, and developing academic English in the CA ELD Standards resource – Appendix C.
  2. As you read, mark up the text, using these guiding questions as a start:
  • How can teachers support EL students to interact in meaningful ways?
  • What is scaffolding, and what are some examples of it?
  1. How is academic language developed?
  2. After you read, use your notes as a springboard for discussion with another colleague who engaged in the same activity.

Now it’s time to hear from the experts. Choose the expert interview below that best matches your teaching situation. Both interviews are about the importance of meaningful interaction with texts and with others.


Text Discussion: One Step at a Time (K–3rd Grade) External Link

In this interview, Dr. P. David Pearson describes the value and benefits of text discussion and offers suggestions for planning, structuring, and supporting discussions.
Download transcript


The Big Picture: Overview of Catalyzing Comprehension Through Discussion and Debate (4th–12th Grade) External Link

Dr. Catherine Snow and her colleagues discuss the role that engaged classroom instruction plays in reading comprehension.
Download transcript